Anadelta Tessera / Main features

Horizontal Alignment :

  • Visual construction of the corridor as well as import from a text file.
  • Complete set of transition curves (Clothoid, Cubic Parabola etc) for bends of every type (hairpin, two PI conjunction, etc).
  • Bidirectionally connected Horizontal and Vertical alignment and visual drainage inspection.
  • Parametric calculation and graphical visualization, as well as manual editing of the superelevation rate diagram.
  • Service road cross section synchronization based on main road axis.
  • Corridor sidelines, auxiliary axes, traffic islands, in addition to a multitude of standard road lines.
  • Visibility analysis.
  • Bruckner diagram calculation

Terrain :

  • Import from text or DXF files.
  • Exhaustive terrain consistency and validity analysis and repair.
  • Automatic generation of calculation boundaries.
  • Very fast constrained Delaunay triangulation and contour calculation algorithms.
  • Local modifications with on-the-fly geometry validation and updates.
  • Relief shading; elevation and slope based coloring.
  • Multiple concurrent TINs, volume calculations.

Cross Sections :

  • Visual typical cross section editing, or selection from an extensive built-in library.
  • Two branch typical section.
  • Composite cross section creation via multiple road cross section merging.
  • Corridor rehabilitation.
  • Batch cross section calculation, manual editing where necessary.
  • Automatic cross section side space expansion based on calculated visibility curves.
  • Fully parametric mass tables.


  • The 3D environment is a native part of the Tessera CAD platform. It can be quickly and easily employed at any stage of the design.
  • 3D inspection as well as editing capabilities similar to Horizontal Alignment
  • Facilitates local terrain modifications through the use of 3D editing functions such as triangle edge swapping, breakline insertion, etc
  • Visual as well as automatic verification of the visibility calculations.
  • CAD and photorealistic rendering modes.
  • Export to arbitrary resolution bitmap suitable for presentation quality printouts.
  • Creation of video files which can be transferred and played by any media player

CAD - Environment:

  • Very fast graphical environment.
  • Drawing tools: polylines, circles, ellipses, clothoids, TrueType text, bitmaps.
  • Drawing capabilities: 24bit color, line types, hatches, layers, copy/paste, rotation, scaling, snap on any object or on the grid, etc.
  • Unlimited undo/redo levels.
  • Import/export of data from DXF, ASCII and Excel files.
  • Export road design data to LandXML files.
  • Advanced built-in printing capabilities.
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