Anadelta Tessera / Editions


The Standard Edition includes everything a civil engineer needs to complete any road or highway project.


The Professional Edition provides the following additional features:

Wider range of transition curves
In addition to standard transition curves used in road construction, such as circle-clothoid-circle, the Professional Edition offers parabola curves, tailored specifically for railroad planning, as well as more complex compositions (clothoid-arc-clothoid-arc-clothoid, etc)

Interchanges - Divergences / Convergences The easy, user-friendly automatic creation of interchanges is one of Tessera's strong points. The user can insert a new convergence or divergence via a multitude of methods. Acceleration lanes can be automatically inserted. For each converge or divergence, Tessera selects the appropriate auxiliary lane configuration parameters (width, length, length of transition curve), entry / exit angles as well as the characteristics of all relevant branches (widths, curvature radii, transition lengths) by consulting the specifications provided by the user. The software can perform automatic main road / branch cross section synchronization, as well as width, superelevation and profile elevation adjustments. Finally, composite cross sections can be created when necessary at area of the interchange.

Interchanges - Loops, Direct ramps, etc.
By combining divergence and convergence elements, connective branches of any kind and geometrical shape can be constructed between two roads. In addition, based on user preference, Tessera can also insert loops and direct ramps in the crossing areas between two roads. There is also the capability of merging two branches into a unified road, which can in turn intersect a third road, coming either from the same or from a different elevation, like in a trumpet interchange. Once again, all connective branches, no matter how they have been inserted, can be modified either by changing their parameters in the interchange specifications table, or visually by using the mouse. Any modifications are followed by superelevation and profile adjustments.

Side roads
Tessera offers the capability to create a new road by means of copying and transforming the geometric structure of an existing one. This feature greatly facilitates the design and layout of service roads. After a service road has been created, it can be independently modified, diverted or generally edited in any way. However, the cross sections of a service road can be designated as extensions of the respective cross sections of the main road. More importantly, this feature can be used on a per segment basis and any road can serve as the main road. This capability comes in handy for setting the branch road cross sections on intersections.

Multiple terrain models
Tessera supports the coexistence of many TINs in the same project. Each TIN can represent a different layer or even a set of points without elevation data (which we may wish to subsequently retrieve from a separate triangulation). Every terrain object has its own computational parameters (e.g. elevation range, contour dimension, breakline insertion, maximum triangle side length), as well as rendering settings (wireframe, relief shaded, colored, etc). Tessera can also calculate the exact volumetric difference between two terrain objects or between an object and a user-defined plane.


The Lite Edition has all the features and capabilities of the Standard Edition with the following limitations:
  • One road per project
  • Maximum road length of 1.5 Km
  • Terrain can have up to 5,000 points
  • Available in English language only

Academic institutions

Anadelta Software offers special editions and pricing models for educational institutions, universities and schools. The Academic Edition offers educational institutions the opportunity to deploy a large number of workstations for a fraction of the cost of a corresponding installation using Professional Edition licenses.
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