Anadelta Tessera / Videos

Tutorial videos

Tessera includes a series of tutorial videos which cover the basic features of the program, from the creation of a project to its completion. The aim of the tutorials is to help the user quickly learn how to use the software.

The user can watch the videos either online or from inside the program while working. Anadelta Software constantly updates and adds to the series, in order to keep it current as well as cover every aspect of Tessera's functionality.

Videos produced by Tessera

Tessera can create video files suitable for presentations. The user can exert extensive control over the final output by specifying a range of options, such as defining the camera path and animation parameters. Alternatively, a number of predefined settings can be used, making the production of a presentation video very easy.

Once a file has been created, it can be transferred and played by any media player without requiring the presence of the program or any additional files.

To watch the videos online, you need Adobe Flash Player 8...
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