Anadelta Tessera / Recent changes

Version 3.0.0
Version 3.0.3

Version 3.0.0

New work environment Support for multiple docked windows. Can display both 2D and 3D views of the project, as well as diagrams, properties and settings at the same time. Ability to define, store and manage custom docking layouts. Easy minimization, maximization and general management of docked views. Ability to expand and restore the central window with one click, thus enabling the easy maximization of the working area whenever necessary. New design, appearance and functionality: New improved rulers, workspace grid, functionality icons and buttons, scrollbars and menus. Project thumbnails are now displayed on all Open Recent menus. New 3D window. New Superelevation Diagram window.

Properties New hierarchical property system. Grouped and nested properties greatly expand the scope of the property subsystem. New visual properties such as schematic display of the currently selected cross section, 3D rendering of the current road, as well as drawing pattern and text font selection. Many new properties. New Object Inspector. Customizable appearance and visual attributes (style, row size, property pages). Automatic adjustment of the window size to fit its contents when in the floating state. Automatic show/hide. Ability to align the values of numerical properties. Customizable rounding indication for numerical properties. Hide, show, minimize and resize specific properties, persistence of user settings. Different merging modes (common/all) when selecting multiple objects. Use of the built-in scripting language to filter the selection results. Display one or more properties of selected objects as a sorted list. Ability to export the list to plain ASCII, CSV or XML files.

Terrain Support for terrain layers. Each layer (like each terrain) can have its own color and can be indepedently visible, printable and selectable. Export/import terrain points to and from specific layers. Terrain triangles are now selectable objects with properties. Terrain points and triangles now have their own, independent color property. New visualization capabilities: Shading of terrain elements (points, boundaries, breaklines, triangles, contours) based on their properties such as elevation, layer color, terrain color or their individual color. Independent display settings for the 2D, 3D and printing environments. New printing engine that supports all screen terrain rendering modes (WYSIWYG) as well as all aforementioned capabilities. Parametric terrain simplification algorithm. Volumetric calculations: Center of mass calculation for each cut & fill area, as well as global center of mass for both cuts & fills. Calculation of filtered average slopes. Ability to export cut & fill volumes to AutoCAD as solid objects for further processing or independent calculations. Calculation results are now persistent (i.e. saved to and loaded from the project file). Finer control of volumetric rendering settings. Ability to print results using any of the rendering options. Ability to export all prism coordinates, areas, volumes as well as centers of mass and calculation perimeters to a CSV or plain text file that can serve as a deliverable. The user can thus verify the results using an external spreadsheet program.

3D Ability to export 3D representations to AutoCAD DXF or Wavefront OBJ file formats.
Color scales New color scale architecture. Support for variable intervals, infinities, discrete or continuous interpolation. Correct handling of values outise scale limits, either numerical or infinite. Many new built-in scales, ability to easily modify or create new ones. Automatic creation of parametric elevation scales. New printable legends.

CAD New system-wide color palette, improved color rendering and fidelity on screen as well as on the printer. Improvements to color fidelity when exporting to DXF files. New built-in polygon patterns.
Options New General Options window. New Terrain Options window.

Welcome screen Faster initialization and rendering, leading to improved start-up times. Visual display of file opening. New real-time animation system inside the sidebar: Many demonstration tracks, displaying the capabilities of Tessera. Support for play, pause, next/previous scene, next/previous track, fast forward, reverse etc.

General New unified diagrams for each road, facilitating project management. Postscript printer support.
Horizontal alignment Automatic station placement when creating a new road. The road can be printed "solid". Stations can now be selected by clicking on the road axis. Station chainage can now be printed. Ability to change the default names of cardinal sections. Improvements in interhange display at merging points.

Version 3.0.3

Ability to specify degree of curvature for terrain contours when exporting to a DXF file. Adjustment of decimal places when drawing, printing or exporting point and contour elevations. New example script (TerrainAverageSlope.txt) Various bug fixes in terrain, 3D and Welcome Screen code. Support for importing and exporting Unicode DXF files.
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